and Gold medal supplements terms of Service and policies and Gold medal supplements strives to provide the safest
high quality products available at the lowest prices.
By purchasing or using our products, you agree to hold or Gold medal supplements
and it’s owners and partners, free of all liability for any misuse of
our products, and for any allergies or negative reactions
you may have to ingredients used in our products.
By your purchase or use of any medal supplements product
you agree to absolve and hold Gold Medal Supplements, and it’s
owners, free from any and all liability regarding any and all
products that Medal Supplements and it’s owners sell.




Due to the nature of our products (consumables) and given concerns
over tampering & safety, we do not accept returns under any circumstance.

All purchases made will be filled and shipped.. no exceptions.
No refunds at any time. We cannot be responsible for customer results,
or lack thereof due to improper use, training, health or any other reason.


All products are manufactured within a short time of your order. We do not
make large batches of any of our products in order to keep our stock fresh.
This ensure you get maximum potency with every purchase of our products.
In our constant effort to bring you the finest and most potent products possible
we reserve the right to change ingredients in our products without notice.
Any product ingredient changes made will be for one reason, and that is to
provide our customers with the highest quality, most effective products we
can possibly make. This notice applies to all one-time purchases and auto-ship
purchasers as well, as it is near impossible to contact each customers each
time a change is made. Rest assured though that any change will be one that is
made for the good of the product, and you, our valued customer!


All parcels shipped using USPS at a flat rate of $6.95
regardless of where it is to be shipped within the United States or Canada
unless excessive weight warrants otherwise, in which case we will contact
you with any additional charges needed to process your shipment.
Shipments made to countries outside of the United States of Canada will
be billed according to weight and destination, and will be contacted first
to make you aware of the need for additional postage (if needed).
You can expect parcels within the United states to arrive typically within
2-3 business days, but at busy times of year like Christmas etc, a couple days
more may be needed. Parcels shipped overseas will take whatever time it takes
for parcel to reach your country of destination, and for the time it takes to
clear your countries customs department. This is usually a couple of weeks at most.
We make no guarantees on package delivery or times of delivery.
If you want insurance for your parcel, you will need to contact us beforehand
to let us know, and we will calculate the cost and forward to you an invoice for
said insurance which must be paid before shipment can be made.